Cost of Living in Puerto Rico

Depending on your lifestyle, your cost of living is going to vary greatly so we’re just going to be covering the very basics here. 

Rent | A nice, average, well equipped 2-3 bdrm home or apt will run you $700-$800 but you can find something liveable as low as $300 in the country or as high as $1200 for something pretty nice in the metro area. Obviously, with any city, the sky is the limit but I’ve seen many newcomers paying WAY to much for what they got. Your best bet is to hit the pavement looking for “se renta” signs in an area you like. is your next best bet but I find their listings wanting.

Power | We typically spend $125-150 a month ($180-200 in the Summer months) for our 3/2 condo. We run one ac unit in the office 24/7 and another one in our bedroom all night. We run a washer/dryer on the weekends a few times and run all the normal appliances and electronics. Some people can keep their usage to under $50 a month using nothing more than lights, basic appliances and electronics. Personally, we need to keep our computers running in a cooler, dust free climate, if you don’t have a need for that, you can acclimate very easily to the mild climates here and save on your electric bill.  PREPA/Autoridad De Energía Eléctrica

Water | AAA charges most families anywhere between $25-$75 per month depending how many people are in the household.  Ours is exactly $23.74 every month because we use 10 cubic meters (or less) of water a month. Flow control sprayers on all shower heads and faucets are a good idea. Check all other plumbing as well for leaks, a running toilet run could cost you hundreds. Have a pool? Fahgettaboudit! Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados

Food | Factor in an additional 20-30% into your food costs. We typically spend around $400 a month for two, that includes household items as well. While we lived in the Bay area we spent around $300 a month.

Gas | Only slightly higher than in the States, maybe a couple bucks more to fill up the tank.

Cell Phone Coverage & Cost

Cost is relatively the same as the states, you can keep on using your current provider or sign up for new services on the Island. The best service in terms of coverage is AT&T, Sprint coming in second. Stay far, far away from Claro.

Internet & Cable

Depending on where you are on the island service providers are going to vary but to cut to the chase, most residents use Liberty Cable & Internet. You can get a 1, 2 or 3 way plan that includes cable, internet and/or a landline. Liberty isn’t always going to be available so check with your neighbors and ask them who they are using. Other companies include AT&T, ClaroNeptuno Networks and Aeronet PR.