Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico

Click below for a very cool map that Redescubriendo a Puerto Rico put together showing the old tracks and stations around Puerto Rico. I think it would be amazing to have this infrastructure again, (modernized of course) the benefits would be endless.

Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico

Jesús Izcoa Moure Bridge – Toa Alta/Naranjito, Puerto Rico

Impromptu VW Meeting – Toa Baja

There are a LOT of car clubs on the island, on any given weekend you will probably see a convoy of one type or another. Actually there are a lot of clubs in general, if you have an interest, you’ll find a group to hang with.

Lago Dos Bocas, Arecibo/Utuado

I remember the first time we traveled around this lake, I was 21 and Puerto Rico was brand new to me. That particular day was especially magical. We had visited several caves before hand and on the way to the lake we stopped at a waterfall with these gorgeous peach Brugmansias blooming. We crawled down into the bottom where several kids were splashing about, the whole world seemed inviting and joyous. That day will forever be etched into my memory and I bet you just might come away with your own unique moment or two.

For further information I am going to refer to Puerto Day Trips for all the important info.

The Ferry to Vieques

As part of our mini-vacation we headed out by ferry to Vieques to see what remained after the military were forced off the island. We got there pretty early and easily bought our tickets and waited. Once on board you can opt to stay in the ice cold quarters or feel the blast of wind and salt air on your face. Guess where we ended up!