FINALLY found a place that sells extraterrestrial hay. 

A niche market if ever I saw one.

Serendipitous color combination @ El Morro

It rained like mad during National Parks Week, good thing it was free!

The Scolopendra Gigantea aka Giant Centipede

*3D rendering by Andrew Jirez.

Bugs. I’m officially through with you.

Last night we found another scolopendra gigantea, only this time it scurried its slimy self under the bed we sleep in, never to be found again. I jokingly told Steve it must be a glitch in the matrix. That didn’t keep me from sleeping with a light on and having the little bugger infiltrate my dreams. Just a fun fact, scolopendra gigantiea can climb a cave wall and while hanging on with its last section of legs, grab a bat in mid-flight and then devour it before you can say “scolopendra gigantea”.

To add insult to injury, I was driving to the store tonight (on a pitch black street mind you, PR isn’t big on street lamps) when some robust creature flew into my drivers window, smacked me on the shoulder and flitted around my neck. Had to wait a mile before there was ample light to quell my freak out. I don’t know whats worse, that I didn’t see anything or that I COULDN’T see anything. It’s there, just waiting…

Did I mention the 3/4” brown spot that still remains after being bit by some unknown insect? Yeah, that took 2 months to heal. Good times. I won’t even go into the mosquitos, thats just childs play, even with dengue fever and now “Chikungunya”. The name doesn’t really incite fear, more like something you’d order while visiting some upscale, low-country fad restaurant situated somewhere in “N’awlins”.

Yeah, so bugs listen up, I’ve had enough. I’d rather deal with the huntsman spiders in Australia than this entomologists dream, my nightmare. At least I know where I stand with the huntsman. They don’t hide under my bed or fly 45mph onto my shoulder on a dark street. They make eerie loud footsteps on your wall warning you of their presence and eat those disgusting palmetto bugs for you. They are very thoughtful that way.

Bird nests in Viejo San Juan.


The Old Highway, Arecibo

We had read on another blog that Hwy 123 aka “the old highway” held some interesting views along it’s winding road so we decided to see for ourselves. I believe, but am not certain that this also used to be called Arecibo Road where “the cut” could be found. I’ll have to do some digging on that…

Our plan was to meander a bit, find the suspension bridge and then head over to Utuado to visit the Parque Ceremonial Indigena de Caguana. More about the ceremonial park coming up.

We head over to the newly built Hwy 10 (replaces hwy 123) going south and before long find the entrance to the old highway. There are staggeringly tall bamboo plants at almost every turn creating a much appreciated break from the sun. The road has been neglected for some time, not to mention narrow, both good excuses to take our time.

You’ll see above a graffiti design on a boulder that is ubiquitous in Puerto Rico. So much so, that I have been documenting every instance I spot the red, white and blue graphic. We call it “broken scissors” but I have yet to find out the meaning or attribution. When I feel like I can’t possibly find another, one pokes out from behind some weed encased building or remnant. Itś probably just some tagger with too much time on their hands but eventually I WILL find out.

Along the way we spotted what must have been a dozen or so piglets trotting down the road after its mother. Of course there were the obligatory chickens, dogs and turkeys as well.

We finally arrived at the suspension bridge, of course we had to cross and get our feet wet in the river. It was very….bouncy to say the least. With that out of the way, so to speak, we head over to the Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park. To be continued..


Vintage Cigarette Machine

I guess these are kosher here, haven’t seen one since the 80’s.


Fish heads, fish heads…

This was waiting for us on a stretch of beach in Arecibo. Aren’t you glad smell-O-vision hasn’t been invented yet?