We. have. Power.

Well, to be honest, we’ve had it since the 27th but I’ve been busy enjoying it..well most of it. I didn’t particularly enjoy the two hours it took to de-mold the fridge. But those are first world problems compared to the hardest hit areas of the island.

As you might have guessed there was much celebrating when the power came back on. Many happy faces, many wooo-hoooooo’s, many windows shutting, ac’s turned on and yes, of course, the bars were PACKED. When I say packed I mean cars parked a mile down the road packed. We were too tired for that so we opted for a bottle of rum, 4 cans of cold cokes and freshly made ice. Anyhoo it’s been nice going from grumpy/depressed to having a smile on my face, post maria has taken a huge tole on all of us with thousands still suffering greatly without water or access to any kind of power.

Of course the first thing I did was clean the freezer, ice trays and make ice which has been non-existent and a currency greater than gold. Then I did the two loads of the laundry I had been saving up that week hoping the power would come back on. You see, for the past three weeks there have been reports from the local AEE crews power would come on ANY MINUTE. Of course it got to the point where we stopped believing as days came and went.

Apparently there was a big hurry to electrify this area for two reasons: the National Guard’s main point of contact is here and they just reserved an entire motel as a camp for FEMA workers. For those two reasons we have also lucked out recently in the provisions department. A couple of weeks ago, many small vendors congregated in front of the National Guard making it easy for us to walk 5 minutes for a cheap lunch and a cold drink. Since Steve had to work during the week in San Juan this was a weight off his mind (only one car was working at this point-both alternators died and we only had time to fix one) in case traffic got really bad. Traffic, btw, is always bad…almost two hours each way for what should have been a 45 min commute tops. Between non-powered traffic lights and kids going back to school, it was stop and stop traffic.

Here’s hoping the rest of the island isn’t too far behind, unfortunately it will most likely be months for the most remote and hardest hit areas. The last 5 weeks seem like a nightmare I just woke up from, I dreamed about post hurricane madness every single night, waking up several times a night drenched in sweat..stressing about water, food, gas, the car breaking down, potholes the size of kiddie pools, etc, it was unrelenting. Puerto Rico will need a while to heal from all this madness even after all power has been restored.

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