Our Visit to Save a Gato, Old San Juan

For the past several months we’ve been painstakingly searching online to adopt a cat of our own. After a few failed attempts I was almost ready to throw in the towel until I noticed a post on Save a Gato’s feed one morning.  We instantly fell in love and put in the paper work that day in preparation for our meeting. The following Saturday we met with Irma and eventually the charmer in question sauntered up and sealed the deal. (He is the beautiful long haired black cat on the bottom if you would like to see for yourself) Before our eventual meeting though, Irma gave us a little tour of the facilities where I captured a few other beauties along the way.

For those of you not familiar, Save a Gato is a phenomenal organization located in Old San Juan. If you have ever walked the perimeter of El Morro you know many of their TNR cats are free-roaming the area. These same cats are fed, given water throughout the day and their litter boxes replenished. That’s not including all the cats and kittens located in their facility.

All in all, Save a Gato cares for an estimated 250-300 cats daily. It’s a lot of hard work that’s done out of sheer love, determination and dedication from the staff. Unfortunately the work doesn’t end there. Save a Gato is regularly called upon by the public to assist in the rescue of abandoned or neglected cats locally.

For these reasons and more we feel it’s very important to keep organizations like Save a Gato supported by the community. It’s only fair with all they do for us and the cats on this Island of Enchantment. If you have a moment, please look over their pamphlet which lists the many items they need on a daily basis. They are also always in need of dependable volunteers to navigate the many day to day tasks they are faced with. Lastly but not leastly, check out their Facebook page for all the eligible cats waiting for their forever homes.

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6 thoughts on “Our Visit to Save a Gato, Old San Juan

  1. I know you have a kind heart. As Beverly said, it was a beautifully written piece. Hope you get lots of responses to your article.


  2. My husband and I are in Puerto Rico in the southwestern part of the island. We’ll be going up to Old San Juan to visit and to drop off a donation and supplies at La Casita. Great TNR program. I am familiar with TNR’ed kitties. I live in Gainesville, Florida and we have Operation Catnip, a great program affiliated with the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. I work at UF’s College of Engineering and I am the weekend feeder for a small colony of cats that I helped trap. :)


    1. That’s wonderful, thank you for taking the time to donate and for helping your local community too! Love the Organization’s name as well. You just made me realize I did not include the TNR aspect of SAG, I will have to rectify that. I believe PR will have wider organized events for TNR in the future, awareness is growing steadily.


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