Playa Rosada, Lajas

After viewing the beautiful thru-ways of Lajas we determined that Playa Rosada was our next stop. I have to confess I am some what biased when it comes to the south side of the island, I prefer it much more than any other location.

This is probably attributed to our time in Northern California where the terrain is very similar, we kind of go through a little a deja-vu when visiting the area.  It’s very peaceful and allows many moments to organize those chaotic thoughts that infiltrate ones mind from time to time. You know the ones, existential crisis, money, family, could Trump really be the next President and how the freaking hell did we get here?


Playa Rosada is one of those places where you feel instantly at home and your cares kind of evaporate. A very family oriented beach with plenty of areas for grilling and tons of shaded picnic tables. The area is maintained by the DRNA and it shows. Every thing you would ever expect is all in reach and carefully maintained

Oh yeah, and it’s damned gorgeous, how did I not lead off with that?

P.S. See that Deck? That is fenced in to keep out all the biters…jellyfish, barracuda, aliens, etc. ;)

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