The Green Plague.

The Green Iguana now outnumbers human inhabitants on the island. That’s 3.6 million Humans vs 4 million Green Iguanas to be precise, for now.

They can grow up to 6′ long, destroy crops, damage bridges and hinder flight traffic at our airports. Other than the occasional dog’s chew-toy or passing car, these creatures have no natural predators.

There is a movement to bring them to the local menu but as of today there are no large scale processing facilities to handle the task. I did a short poll at a recent family function though and all refused to even entertain the idea of eating one. :)

Several groups have also taken upon themselves to conduct large scale hunting expeditions to cut numbers down. All perfectly legal and encouraged. Ecological groups tend to focus on destroying the clutches of eggs buried through out the island. It is estimated with both concerted efforts it will still take approximately 10 years to get the population under control.

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