Raw Linseed oil Filtration (Washing Raw Linseed Oil)

We are learning how to filter and wash raw Linseed oil with sand since we couldn’t find any suitable for oil painting here.

Warning: Geek speak ahead, may induce yawning.

Btw, did you know that “Linseed oil” comes from Latin meaning “flax, linen” and  (oil) “oleum”? That’s where the name “Linoleum” derived from.

The same can be said for oil cloth. (Linen and oil reversed)

Oil cloth was used to produce dolls, tablecloths and other household items that needed to be durable and somewhat waterproof*. Linen was treated with many layers of linseed oil before and after paint applications. Eventually we started using vinyl but the linseed oil finish had proven to actually last longer and is completely biodegradable.

Bottom image is me warming up for watercolors. Probably the least stress free painting medium I can think of. Steve completely disagrees with me.

*Steve emphasizes: “But not fire proof”. ;)

The process.
Beautiful clean linseed oil.
Just dabbling for today.

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